6 ways to ensure that you extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery

6 ways to ensure that you extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery

iPhone 14 battery
iPhone 14 battery


6 Extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery


Apple pours its best efforts into enhancing public confidence in its products, and among its efforts is seeking and directing to efficiently manage the use of the iPhone battery;


This is to ensure its safety for as long as possible, and specifically that you have paid huge sums of money to obtain this distinguished smartphone, so advice is complete now! Here are ways to extend the iPhone 14 battery life in detail.



iPhone battery life

Apple referred to the battery life as the period of time spent using the phone without the need to connect to the charger to raise the energy level, while the term battery life refers to the period between the first use of the battery and the emergence of the need to change it with another. There is still time for change to fade; Rather, extend the life of the iPhone battery for as long as possible by following the following measures.

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Extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery

iPhone 14 phone holders are always filled with terror about battery damage, so they are searching hard for the most effective ways to extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery so that they can calm down and enjoy their life in using this ideal device, and among these tips are the following: 1

Turn off the Always-On Display feature

Although the Always-On Display continues to work on  iPhone devices ; And its design is unlike Android, except that it needs to be stopped to reduce the drain of energy in the battery, due to its role in showing and displaying many additional elements on the screen; Thus negatively affecting the battery, and it is worth noting that updates to this feature account for 1 hertz of the total actual time of battery life.



6 Extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery




Disable frame rate by turning off ProMotion

The opportunity has become golden for you to take advantage of the life of your iPhone battery, specifically when seeking to extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery by giving up the ProMotion feature, by following only the following steps:

  • Go to the iPhone Settings tab.
  • Clicking on the ProMotion option from the options given.
  • activate frame rate limit toggle; This option provides you with a decrease in the refresh rate to 60 Hz.

Stop apps floating in the background

This option may be a common denominator for all types of phones, specifically when you want to extend the life of the iPhone 14 Pro battery. Closing floating applications in the background of the device saves a lot on the battery life rate, but it may lead to preventing notifications from appearing on the screen, so that you can So follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings, then General.
  • Click the Background App Refresh button.
  • The ability to choose between applications to
  • be updated individually
  • and not others.
  • Press the toggle button to stop the appearance and running of applications that you think are unnecessary.



Enable low power mode

As a continuation of the measures to extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery, it is recommended to activate the low power mode; In this case, the battery life extends for a longer period, specifically when the energy level drops to 20% and then 10%, and it is indicated that this precautionary step takes only one button press only, or to go to the settings and then the battery.

It is worth noting that the role of activating Low Power Mode in

extending the iPhone 14 battery life is to restrict the screen brightness level,

prevent background content, and more.

Turn off background activity

It is necessary to review the battery usage information first, and then go to stop the activity of applications in the background by following these steps:




  • Go to Settings, then General.
  • Go to Background App Refresh, then tap Wi-Fi or Wifi & Cellular Data.
  • You can tap the Disabled option to enable Turn off Background App Refresh.



Other ways to extend the life of the iPhone 14 battery



There are many effective ways and methods to preserve

the life of the iPhone battery with ease, the most important of which are the following:

Dark Mode style

One of the effective patterns in maintaining the iPhone battery life efficiently,


specifically those equipped with an OLED screen,

and the following steps can be

followed to activate this:

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Clicking on Display & Brightness option.
  • Select the Dark Mode option.


Enhanced battery charging feature

Apple is always keen to provide the best for users, so it provides Optimized Battery Charging to double the battery life; So that the amount of time it takes for the phone to charge is restricted; Accordingly, the phone will save consumption and reduce charging delay after reaching 80%.




In conclusion, it is necessary to pay attention to the life of the iPhone battery and monitor it to ensure that it is not damaged, and to prevent the phone from eventually being exposed to risks, so Apple has been keen to put forward many suggestions about extending the life of the iPhone 14 and all its smart and portable devices, you can follow any of them according to your need.




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