artificial intelligence and chat

artificial intelligence and chat







artificial intelligence and chat


artificial intelligence and chat

2023 looks set to see major technological transformations that will change the face of the world. In my personal opinion, Metaverse nonsense is not part of it, but artificial intelligence search will be one of the most popular terms this  year . Conversations with artificial intelligence amaze us.

artificial intelligence and chat

Today’s idea is not like having a conversation with a personal assistant like Siri or Alexa


, the amount of demands that artificial intelligence can implement is much higher



, the number of these tasks is increasing and the quality and accuracy of them is increasing.



Improving. Every day whenever a new input is made by the user.

Conversational AI, like all AI technologies,





relies on large amounts of “big data” that it uses to provide answers to user questions.

The most famous AI chat platform today is Chat GPT, developed by Open AI, founded in 2015 and backed by many investors led by Elon Musk.

And unlike what we’ve seen with traditional personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, Chat GPT can remember what you said at the start of a conversation and use it to improve outcomes. increase.

For example, during my experience on the platform, I first asked her if she could speak Arabic.I typed it in and within seconds came an answer with my full name written in Arabic.

Will artificial intelligence understand Arabic? Yes!

But the problem didn’t stop there. This platform gave me a very accurate breakdown of the meaning of my name, surname and how it is written in Arabic.

What tasks can artificial intelligence perform?

  • solve the formula
  • Find errors and problems in code in any programming language
  • Provide direct technical problem solutions ( How can I extend the battery life of my iPhone 14? )
  • Translate between languages
  • Write complete articles on any topic in any language
  • Write stories and solve school and college challenges
  • write poems and songs

As for the problems and negatives you may encounter, first, these platforms display and arrange content based on access rights rather than ultimately creating it, so check the accuracy of the information directly It’s the difficulty. Although the accuracy of our results is constantly improving, it is still possible to get incorrect or inaccurate information.

Finally, while AI facilitates many fields of work, it is not a substitute for human input, and we know that the output we get from conversing with AI is the result of processing vast amounts of input data. must be person’s.

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