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modern electronics ps5

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Electronic games have spread widely in recent years, especially among groups of young people, children and adolescents who spend most of their time in front of these electronic devices, as they often become a topic of conversation. games. , it has many good aspects but of course their excessive use causes a lot of problems in the wrong way. This is what will be presented in the topic of negatives and the next statement.

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modern electronics ps5
modern electronics ps5

modern electronics ps5

Electronic games  are interactive games played using many modern electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, and gaming-only devices, and there are several types of electronic games, including the most important and famous video games that many believe.

electronic games are video games, but there are other types of electronic games such as slot game and audio

games including slot game.

Electronic games have many positive aspects, and their excess leads to many negative points. As for the positive aspects of electronic games for children, they occupy a very large part of the lives of children and teenagers. Numerous studies of the impact of electronic games on children and adolescents have proven that children are taught to respect instructions and orders, and when applying them, they learn logic and avoid problems. as well as the ability to synchronize hand movements with players, the ability to plan, agile intelligence, resource management and analysis, and other perks that help with skill development.


modern electronics ps5
modern electronics ps5


Electronic games can be used in many important areas such as education, where they can be used as one of the

educational tools, make education fun for children and young people, electronic games can be used to teach

difficult elements such as simulation. Complex questions like flight simulating games which is the most popular game and also many other simulation games like car maintenance simulator.

playstation 5 modern electronics

However, the overuse and abuse of electronic games and the abuse of age-appropriate games such as violent video games lead to increased levels of violence in children because playing these games in a setting can affect the child’s control over the violence in the game. Violence in the game increases the child’s reward.

In addition, electronic games lead to the isolation of children and the confusion of children’s thoughts between the virtual world and the real world, and these games not only affect children but also young people.

Since electronic games control the minds of the players and cause addiction, they can also cause a waste of time among young people and children, and excessive playing of electronic games causes many health problems such as eye diseases and weight gain. , joint ailments and spinal cord diseases, and problems concentrating and communicating with others.

Therefore, in order to protect from the negative aspects of electronic games, parents should supervise their parents, set playing hours and not allow them to play very violent games.

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