The 6 best Halo players of all time

The 6 best Halo players of all time

Among video game aficionados, Halo is one of the most well-known and popular video game franchises in recent history, with thousands of players worldwide, a dedicated fan base, and a highly competitive gaming culture. While many people play Halo recreationally, some of the most dedicated players enter Halo tournaments to test their playing skills against other skilled opponents. Among these, a select few have risen above the rest as some of the greatest Halo players in history. Here, we consider the six best Halo players of all time.

Who are the best Halo players of all time?

  1. OGRE2
  2. Letol
  3. iGotUrPistol
  4. snake bite
  5. Snip3down
  6. Walshy

1. OGRE2

  • 47 championship championship wins
  • 19 places for second place in the championship
  • Part of “God’s Squad” with iGotUrPistola, Lunchbox and Roy
  • Part of Aggrey’s sister duo “OGRE1” and “OGRE2” with his brother Dan Ryan
  • $295,293.42 in tournament earnings

American Halo player Tom Ryan’s username, “OGRE2” is the most successful contender in the history of the Halo tournaments, with a 13-year career that ran from 2003 to 2016. Over the course of his career, OGRE2 won over 40 major Halo events in those years, often playing Along with his twin brother, Dan Ryan (aka “OGRE1”). The two brothers, both born in 1986, began their rise to fame in 2003-2004, emerging as part of the Xbox Connect group “Shoot to Kill” (StK). That same year, OGRE2 attended his first tournament at Halo in Atlanta, Georgia, where Team Shoot to Kill came in second. However, in their next tournament, the iGames Nationals, OGRE2 and OGRE1 took first place, beginning a winning track record.

In 2004, the OGRE brothers formed a new team, “Domination”, which instantly won several events and took the Halo World Champions title in 2004. In 2006, Team Domination rebranded itself as “Final Boss”, and remained a dominant force in the The Halo community, but in 2008, after a long string of victories, the team started to struggle a bit while the old members were on the move. After a reorganization in 2010, Team OGRE2 re-emerged, winning all three final events of that year. After Final Boss finished 10th in the opening MLG Dallas tournament in 2011, OGRE2 left the team and joined the “Instinct”, a strong team that won three of the following five events. OGRE2 briefly retired from gaming in 2012 but returned in 2014 to overhaul the StK team.In 2015, OGRE2 left the team and joined two other teams, “EnVyUs” and “Denial eSports”, in quick succession, but in May 2016, he officially retired from the Halo competition. In total, over the course of his career, OGRE2 has collected $295,293.42 in prize money and is currently ranked #630 in gross earnings and #117 in earnings among American players.

2. LethuL

  • 28 championship championship wins
  • 17 runner-up in the tournament
  • Part of the dominant “CLG” team with Royal2, SnakeBite and iTz So Frosty
  • $672,250 in tournament earnings

Tony “LethuL” Campbell has been a star of Halo for over ten years, since entering his first competition, the MLG Columbus Championship, in 2010. That year, he and his “Fire Breathing Franks” placed 26th overall. However, soon after, LethuL and his new team “Vicious Intent” were able to improve significantly, taking first place at MLG DC 2010 . Lethul then joined the “Sicker Than Yo Average”, the team that won the 2010 MLG Dallas Reach.SyA renamed itself “Impact”, finishing second at MLG Dallas 2011 and 11th at MLG Columbus 2011. After this disappointment, LethuL joined the “Evil” team, which he soon left to join “Infamous”, a team that achieved great success in being First to defeat “The God Squad” by Roy, Lunchbox, iGotUrPistola and OGRE2. In 2012, LethuL joined “Dynasty” and then “Avengers,” finishing fourth and third in events that year. LethuL joined a few teams in 2013 but never finished second with any of them.

His return to #1 came after he rejoined one of his old bands, “Believe the Hype”, in 2014, winning the ESL MCC Launch Invitational. LethuL then joined the Evil Geniuses in 2014, winning five consecutive events through 2015. In 2016, LethuL joined Counter Logic Gaming, a decision that upended a number of teams, causing intense confusion in the Halo community. As a member of CLG, LethuL nearly won an invitation to the X Games Aspen 2016 but was narrowly defeated by his old team, Evil Geniuses. However, CLG did win the NA Regionals that year and the Halo World Championship, with LethuL and his teammates taking home the $1,000,000 first place prize. Since 2016, LethuL has won seven main events and finished second in two in a 28-time run for first place.His total earnings were $672,250, which placed him at the 209th highest grossing earnings and the #30th highest earning American player.

3. iGotUrPistol

  • 25 championship championship wins
  • 11 runner-up in the tournament
  • Part of “God’s Squad” with OGRE2, Lunchbox and Roy
  • $386,635 in tournament earnings

Often referred to as “The Wizard”, “Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese is known throughout the Halo community for being one of the toughest players to eliminate in the game, with an uncanny ability to survive. iGotUrPistola, often also referred to simply as “Pistola” She made her debut on the Halo stage in 2007, winning the free-for-all competitions at MLG Meadowlands 2007 and MLG Chicago 2007. That same year, he joined his first team, “Send You Packing”, and later joined the “ViciouS” team, although None of the two teams get a high rank.

Team Pistola’s first successes came in 2008, when he joined the “Ambush” team, finishing 10th at MLG San Diego 2008. The team then went on to finish fourth at MLG Orlando 2008. Although Team Pistola never finished in the three places First ever. The events of that year, he began to be noticed as a player, and his career really took off in 2009. That year, he joined the “Triggers Down” team, won their first event, then finished second at MLG Columbus 2009, again winning both in MLG Dallas 2009 and MLG Anaheim 2009.

TD was all set to win the 2009 MLG Orlando National Championship, but a controversial malfunction with one of his Pistola teammates forced them to restart the game, which they then lost. In 2010, Pistola joined “Final Boss”, and in 2011-2012, he was a member of the infamous “God Squad” along with Roy, Lunchbox and OGRE2. The team won several events together, only losing to Team Infamous at MLG Raleigh 2011. Pistola went on to score many wins with several other teams but missed out on a large part of the season in 2014 due to a wrist injury. He came back in 2015, and has since won four major events, finished second in two, and third in three. iGotUrPistola’s earnings are $386,635,

4. Snake bite

  • 22 championship championship wins
  • 20 places for second place in the championship
  • Part of the dominant “CLG” team with Royal2, LethuL and iTz So Frosty
  • $671,000 in tournament winnings

Starting his Halo career in 2006, when he was just 11 years old, Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte was initially unable to make a team due to his age and joined the free-for-all competitions as a result. His success there led him to join his first team “Just Chill” in 2007, although the team was somewhat unsuccessful. At MLG Meadowlands 2008, SnakeBite debuted with a new team, “Calm Mentality,” that rose through the ranks to occupy number 20. SnakeBite’s big break finally came at MLG Dallas 2009, when he joined the “Relapse” team to finish 11th. In 2010, SnakeBite joined “Warriors”, earning his first cash prize by placing fifth in MLG Raleigh and MLG DC. Then the team finished seventh in the national championships, taking home $10,000.Then, SnakeBite and his fellow Royal2, a popular duo, joined the “Status Quo” team, winning their first event in the 2012 MLG Winter Championship.

In 2014, SnakeBite and Royal2 joined the “Shoot to Kill” team that included Heinz and OGRE2. Together, the team ranked high in the events over the next two years, winning the Iron Gaming Columbus 2014. StK was then acquired by Counter Logic Gaming. In 2016, Team SnakeBite dominated the HWC NA Regionals, in part due to SnakeBite’s strategies, and then went on to win the Halo World Championship that year, taking home the $1,000,000 jackpot. SnakeBite went on to win the Halo World Championship in 2017 as well, and since then, he’s won ten other major events, been second in ten more, and third in two. SnakeBite took home a total of $671,000 in prize money, which is a good thing for the 210th highest grossing and 31st highest earning for US players.

5. Snip3down

  • 39 championship championship wins
  • 24 places for second place in the championship
  • Part of the “Evil Geniuses” team with iGotUrPistola, Lunchbox and Roy
  • $432,026.84 in tournament earnings

Born in 1991, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona began his Halo career at MLG Meadowlands 2008, earning an impressive seventh place as a member of Team Ambush. After his promising start, Snip3down moved through different teams before finally settling on the “Str8 Rippin” team, with whom he won MLG Toronto 2008 and the MLG Las Vegas 2008 Championships. In 2010, after two bad endings, Snip3down left “Str8 Rippin” to join the Believe the Hype” then joined “Dynasty” in 2011. After joining “Carbon” in 2012, Snip3down joined “Elite 4”, during which he played alongside Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and finished second in AGL 2 Columbus. Then Snip3down rejoined “Ambush,” winning AGL 3 Chicago and AGL 5 Nashville.In 2014, Snip3down joined “eXcellence” and “OpTic Gaming”, then joined the Evil Geniuses team, with whom he finished second at Iron Games Columbus 2014, where Snip3down was awarded the MVP award.

Evil Geniuses, now joined by LethuL, went on to dominate in 2015, winning numerous events, and Snip3down being voted Player of the Season by his peers. Snip3down and EG would go on to win five events in a row through 2016. After LethuL left EG in 2016 to join Counter Logic Gaming, he and Snip3down developed a rivalry in which Snip3down drew first blood by winning at X Games Aspen 2016. However, EG Kahn subsequently swept the CLG in two events. Since 2016, Snip3down has won five major Halo events, ranked second in seven, and ranked third in eight. He collected a total of $432,026.84 in prize winnings, ranking him 362th in highest grossing earnings and 65th highest earning for American players.

6. Walshy

  • 33 championship championship victories
  • 13 places for second place in the championship
  • Part of the popular “Shoot to Kill / Team 3D / Final Boss” with OGRE1, OGRE2, and Saiyan
  • Most consecutive MLG Championships won by a single player (9)
  • $180,864.36 in tournament earnings

David ‘Walshy’ Walsh, a former professional gamer and current esports driver, is often referred to as “Captain Clutch” and holds the record for most consecutive MLG Championships won by a single player, with nine consecutive victories under his belt. Walshy began his career in In 2003, he played in the AGP 2 tournament as a member of the “GV” team, but did not rank highly, despite Walshy himself impressing with his eighth place in the free-for-all competition. In the same year, in AGP 3, Walshy’s new team disbanded, ” Psycho Soldiers”, finished in the top four, while Walshy won the free-for-all competition. As a member of the “FFA” team, Walshy won MLG Chicago 2004 and MLG Atlanta 2004, after which Walshy left the team to form Team Domination with KillerN, OGRE1 and OGRE2 .The domination team won four events in a row, after which Walshy, OGRE1 and OGRE2 created a new team, “Shoot to Kill,” which won five more events, completing Walshy’s record of nine wins.

After getting sponsorship from 3D, StK became “Team 3D” and won three more events. Team 3D dominated until 2006, after which it was rebranded “Final Boss”, winning four events in 2006 and finishing second in three. Walshy remained with Team Final Boss until 2008, achieving six more first-place finishes and a two-time second-place finish. Walshy then joined the “Instinct” cast in 2008, enjoying a respectable tour of four second places in major events. In 2009, Walshy joined the “Carbon” team, which managed to finish second in MLG Dallas 2009 and third in MLG Anaheim 2009 and the MLG Orlando Championships 2009. However, after that, Carbon slipped, finishing only sixth in the next five. events. After that, Walshy joined the cast of “Ambush”However, he was not able to take seventh place, and in March 2012, he retired from the Games. Walshy has remained active in the gaming industry, becoming a sports broadcaster for Halo events, as well as being a coach and broadcaster. In 2014, he became a regular on the Halo Championship Series, commenting full time on every event. In his 72 championship career, Walshy collected a total of $180,864.36 in earnings, which placed him at #1,083 in highest grossing earnings, and #195 in highest earnings for American players.


Who is the best Halo player of all time?


The best Halo player ever is Tom Ryan, better known by his username “OGRE2”. In his career, OGRE2 (half a duo with his twin brother, Dan, “OGRE1”) won 40 Halo Main Events, including 18 between 2005 and 2007. These qualities make him undoubtedly the greatest Halo player in professional gaming history.

Which Halo player has won the biggest Halo World Championship?


With a total of five wins in the Halo World Championships, American player Tony “LethuL” Campbell has won the most Halo World Championships of any player. LethuL won the Halo World Championships five times from 2014 to 2018, playing with the “Evil Geniuses”, “Counter Logic Gaming”, “OpTic Gaming” and “Tox Gaming” teams. In his career, LethuL has earned $672,250 in prize money, the 30th highest for an American player.

Who is the Halo player who won the biggest prize money ever?


American player Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom has won the most prize money of any Halo player ever. Over the course of his career, Frosty has earned $692,475 in 44 tournaments, ranking him 29th in earnings of all American players in any video game but #1 in American Halo players. Frosty follows in Tony “LethuL” Campbell’s earnings, taking home $672,250 in prize money.

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