What are the most popular esports books?

  1. The hidden game: the winning team mentality
  2. Newborn company: esports
  3. Good Luck Enjoy: The Rise of Esports
  4. E-Sports is Business: Management in the Competitive World of Games
  5. raise the stakes

1. The hidden game: the winning team mentality

The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team was published in 2017, when esports started getting serious attention. The book The Invisible Game, written by Zoltan Andrejcovis, provides readers with insight into the life of a competitive esports player. It details the mental development of the eSport player. With a rating of 4.4 on GoodReads, the book is attracting fans to learn more about the psychology behind eSport gaming and to increase its popularity specifically in the young players who make up the majority of major eSports competitions. The book ranks number one for its high ratings and its insight into the minds of e-sports players.

2. Newborn business: esports

A Newborn Business: eSports was released in 2018 by the same author of The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team, Zoltan Andrejcovis. With a Good Reads rating of 4.5 stars, the book delves into a new aspect of esports: business. Andrejcovis discusses how to become successful in the esports world and answers questions from many readers in the industry about what it takes to be a competitive player, and how to monetize your talents. Drawn from research and his experience as a team manager, the book discusses the business side of popular competitive eSports games like Fortnite, Dota, and League of Legends.

3. Good luck and have fun: The rise of esports

Good luck and have fun: The Rise of eSports was published in 2016 at a time when esports was making its mark, and before many new esports were launched. The book by Roland Li discusses the emerging esports industry with prime examples of how it has evolved over the years. Li follows famous rival players like Alexander Garfield, Brandon Beck, and Marc Merrill to give readers real insight into their success stories. The book also discusses how esports has expanded with new available streaming platforms such as Twitch. Good Luck Have Fun makes the list as the best book for its informative and insightful look at the world of esports.

4. Esports is business: management in a competitive gaming world

ESport is Business: Managing in the World of Competitive Gaming is another business-oriented book on the list that delves into the eSport industry. The book by Tobias Scholz provides another business overview of the emerging esports industry from its history to where it is today. Released in 2019, eSport is Business is the latest book on the list and gives readers a fresh perspective on the history of eSport and predictions about its current and future success. The book is written primarily for esports professionals, researchers learning about the industry, and individuals who are curious to learn more about e-business.

5. Raising the stakes

Raising the Stakes: Esports and the Professionalization of Computer Games Written by T.L. Taylor tells how esports emerged and how professional competitive computer gaming became a new industry for young gamers. Taylor travels and studies the world of esports through tournaments and research and gets to know the best professional players. The book has gained popularity for displaying gaming culture and giving insight to readers around the world. Released in 2012, it comes as the oldest book on the list and shows how early eSports games were already getting attention, which is a good comparison to their rise and success now.

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