33 Recipes Homemade Horse Fly Spray

33 Recipes Homemade Horse Fly Spray

Horse flies are huge pests – literally because they are larger than ordinary flies – and their bites are extremely painful.

You can buy sprays at stores to keep them at bay, but you can also make effective DIY versions—here are our 33 favorite homemade horse fly spray recipes that you might want to try at home.

1. How to make a homemade fly spray for your horse


As this blogger writes, commercial fly sprays are fine – but they contain a lot of chemicals. However, if you are looking for alternatives, she shares her recipe. It only takes three simple ingredients, none of which harm your horse, so why not give it a try and see how it works?

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2. How to make horse fly spray – simple and easy

This YouTuber specializes in living a toxin-free life through the use of essential oils, and her channel is dedicated to helping other people do the same. In this video, we learned how to make a healthy and natural horse fly spray that we are sure many people will want to emulate.

3. How to make homemade fly spray recipes for horses: horse and dog


If you are looking for some options to try, then this post should be of interest. In it you will find many suggestions for homemade recipes suggested by Horse & Hound readers. Read it and see which one you think might work best!

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4. Homemade fly spray for horses, cows or goats

One advantage of making DIY fly spray is that it can be much less expensive than buying products at the store. The video This video teaches you to make is all natural and suitable for use on cows, goats, as well as horses. Check it out to see how it’s done!

5. Do homemade horse fly sprays work? Tried-and-true recipe

The problem with finding DIY recipes online is that they often don’t work. However, this blog claims that their version, based on apple cider vinegar and essential oils, is “tried and true” – so this should be something worth testing, right?

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6. How to make horse fly spray

The horse fly spray recipe that this video teaches you to make is hardly simpler. All you need is vinegar, some dish soap and a little water. It just goes to show that sometimes, there’s no need to overcomplicate things – and often the easiest solutions are the best!

7. How to make horse fly repellent in a pinch – happy horse

Sometimes, when you find yourself infested with horse flies, you need to mix something up to keep them in a hurry. And if that’s the situation you find yourself in, here’s a helpful post that teaches you three ways with ingredients you probably already have on hand.

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8. How to make the best 5-gallon horse fly and tick spray

If you need large amounts of horse fly spray, this is the video for you. It teaches you how to mix five gallons of stuff, and since it goes into so much detail, it’s the kind of plan that’s easy for anyone to follow.

9. Do homemade horse fly sprays really work? Horse health


This post begins with a discussion of whether homemade fly sprays work – as well as teaching you how to use them correctly for best results. He then explains how to make a simple yet effective copy, making this a valuable resource worth reading.

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10. DIY fly spray for your horse – the best recipe!

As this YouTuber explains in the introduction to this video, what makes this spray different is the inclusion of sunscreen. This means that it is also useful in protecting your animals from the sun, which is ideal if they are outside in direct sunlight for a large part of the day.

11. Homemade horse fly spray recipes


This post makes for some interesting reading. In it, we learn how to test some natural fly sprays that you make yourself to see which works best. Then, you can try mixing some yourself to see if you can replicate the same results.

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12. How to make a fly spray for horses

The point of this video is to show you how to make fly spray that is less expensive than store-bought versions and also free of harmful chemicals, making it healthier for your animals too. Interested in knowing how this is done? Then give the video a watch to find out more!

13. Homemade Fly Spray For Horses – Skilled Rider


This blog post gives you not just one but two different ways to mix homemade horse fly solutions. This way, you can try both to see which one works for you – or maybe experiment by combining ideas to come up with something better.

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14. DIY Horsefly Spray من Molly & Ella Showjumping

We have to say that the recipe that this video brings to you contains some of the most unusual ingredients we’ve seen. Who would have thought of using garlic or black tea, for example? However, if these YouTubers say it works, they might be right. So why not give it a try and see for yourself?

15. Homemade horse fly repellent

Here is a blog post that tells you about two versions of horse fly repellent that you can easily make at home. The base recipe doesn’t use anything you probably don’t already have at home, but if you want a very strong version, just add some essential oils to boost the potency of the potion!

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16. Natural fly spray for livestock that really works!

This video claims to teach you how to make a “really effective” fly spray. You will need many ingredients, but nothing that is too expensive or hard to find, so if you are looking for an effective homemade solution for horse flies, this may be just the thing.

17. 5 Homemade Fly Sprays for Horses – Pet Keen

In this post, you’ll learn five different ways to mix a homemade solution that will protect your horse’s friends from flies. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find the one that works for you, so why not read on and see which version is your favourite?

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18. HOW TO MAKE A homemade fly spray for your horse that actually works!!

We previously mentioned that tea is a rather strange addition to a horse fly mixture – but here’s another recipe that calls for it, so it probably really works! Anyway, this mix won’t cost nearly anything, so there’s no reason not to mix some up and try it out for yourself!

19. DIY Fly Spray Recipes for Horses

This post explains several options you can use to protect horses from flies – including another that contains garlic. It also explains one common option that shouldn’t be used and why you should avoid it, so it’s worth reading just for the sake of it.

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20. DIY Hoof Oil, Fly Spray, and Glitter Showcase

Here’s a video that shows you how to make DIY hoof oil and shine plus horse fly spray. This way, you won’t need to spend money on buying any of these products from a store, which helps you save quite a bit of money.

21. Homemade fly spray for horses

As this blogger explains, there are many advantages to making horse fly spray. For example, it’s cheaper, contains no harmful chemicals and can be gentler on a horse’s skin. Sounds like something you’d like to try? Then give the blog a read to find out more!

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22. What not to put in a homemade horse fly sprayer

When making homemade products for your horses, it is as important to know what you should not be using as it is to know what is best. Fortunately, this YouTuber made a video explaining which items to avoid, so you won’t end up inadvertently hurting your animals.

23. How to make a horse fly spray

This video is in Dutch – but don’t worry if you don’t understand this language because it also has English subtitles! It’s also worth a watch because it teaches you how to make a simple but highly effective horse fly spray. Check it out and see what you think!

24. Make Horse Fly Spray – Professional Equestrian Grooms


We love the honesty of this blogger, who begins by saying that she doesn’t know which online DIY recipe is the best. However, its version seems to work just fine, which makes this a good place to start if you need a homemade atomizer that does the job with minimal fuss.

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In this short video, you will learn a quick and easy way to mix up fly spray to keep those pesky biting insects away from your beloved animals. You’ll only need a few inexpensive ingredients, and it’s all natural too – so it’s much healthier than store-bought sprays.

26. 3 Simple DIY Fly Spray Recipes


Here are three other effective natural fly sprays recipes that will help you keep flies and other pests away from your horses. All of them are inexpensive, and they all seem to do a great job at keeping flies away, so why not try making one yourself?

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27. DIY Fly Spray Recipe – $3

The fly spray in this video will cost you no more than $3. It does a great job of keeping flies away, and it even doubles as a mane conditioner, so it’s a practical, all-purpose solution that any self-respecting horse owner should take the time to learn how to make.

28. Homemade horse fly spray

This blog post is short and straightforward, giving you two simple recipes that are easy to prepare and will get the job done. You won’t need to spend a lot of time reading up on unnecessary details, so go ahead and mix your spray solution to protect your horses.

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29. DIY Horse Fly Spray by Aiyana Martinez

We just love the beginning of this video – YouTuber introduces it with the words “This is how to make cool stuff”. The rest of the video is only a minute long, so if you want to learn how to make things that look like horse flyes, it won’t take you long to finish watching!

30. Homemade horse fly repellent

This repellent will prevent horse flies and all other flies from landing on your animals. It is vinegar-based, takes only about 10 minutes to make and will keep your horses protected, making it an ideal choice if you’d rather not buy a ready-made lotion from a store.

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31. Fly spray for horses and predators

This YouTuber channel is dedicated to documenting life in her home in southeastern Ohio, and in this video, we learn her version of handmade horse fly spray. Something like this is essential for anyone who keeps livestock, so give her video a watch to see how he does it.

32. How to make a natural fly spray for horses


This blog begins its post by noting that the cost of purchasing a horse fly spray can add up quickly. And she goes on to talk about its natural version that costs a lot less than the expensive, chemical-laden products you can buy in the store, and we’re sure many people will want to try it.

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33. A 4-Ingredient Fly Spray For Your Horse!

This effective sprayer can be made using only four ingredients. But we won’t tell you what they are, so you have to watch the video to find out. But it’s an idea worth learning about, so click through and find out how they do it!

Lots of great home solutions to keep horse flies away

As you can see, there is no shortage of great recipes for mixing homemade solutions that will do an excellent job of keeping horse flies away.

We hope you enjoyed reading and viewing these plans as much as we did collecting them for you—and above all, we hope you’ve found the recipe you need to make your own horse fly spray.

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