Capita Birds of a Feather Review

Capita Birds of a Feather Review

Capita Birds of a Feather Review

Hello and welcome to the Capita Birds of a Feather review.

In this review, I’ll look at Birds of a Feather (BOAF) as a mountain-free snowboarder.

By tradition here at SnowboardingProfiles.com, I’ll give Birds of a Feather a score of 100 (based on several factors) and see how it compares to other free-form mountain-style snowboards.

general evaluation

Council: Capita Birds of Feather 2022

Price: $499

Style: all mountains are free

Flex rating: Medium (5/10)

Flex Feel Snow: Medium (6/10)

Rating score: 83.3 / 100

Compared to other women’s snowboards

Among the 25 women’s snowboards for all types of mountains I rated:

  • The mean score was 81.5/100
  • The highest score was 90.8 / 100
  • The lowest score was 71.3 / 100
  • The average price was $468
  • The birds of feathers ranked tenth out of 25

An overview of the specifications of birds of all kinds

Check the tables for Birds of a Feather specifications and available sizes.



Who is best suited for birds of feathers?

The BOAF is a great option for anyone looking for a light pad – this thing is very light. It’s also a great option for anyone who wants a women’s board, but wants it wider than usual – BOAF is one of the only women’s boards that comes in wide sizes.

Looking beyond lightness and size, the BOAF is best suited for those who need a great board for jumping and freestyle in general, but can still handle speed and sculpting and for those looking for a board on the more aggressive side of things.

Not for beginners – it’s a relatively technical ride and not super smooth either. You may want to be at least an intermediate level to handle this board.

Birds of a feather in more detail

Well, let’s take a more detailed look at what feathered birds are capable of.

demo information

Board: Capita Birds of a Feather 2022, 146cm (235mm waist width)

Date: February 25, 2021

Test: jade

Rider’s Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)

Rider weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)

Rider boot size: US6.5 for women’s thirty-two exit

Links used: Burton Lexa, Medium


Often overcast with blue spots. Very cold wind.

The temperature was 27°F (-3°C) and 14°F (-10°C) with a wind cooling factor.

24 snow: 6 inches (15 cm)

7-day snowfall: 16 inches (41 cm)

On the Nanny: Soft and smooth for the most part! I did get a little rough later in the day but mostly it was very pleasant conditions.

Off the nanny: Lots of fresh snow. It was really cute about a nanny – soft and while not too deep, enough for a layer to be really fun.


Bonding Angles: +15 / -12

Stand width: 20″ (505 mm)

Position setback: centering

Width when inserted: 9.6 in (244 mm)

Weight: 5 lbs., 1 oz (2290 g)

Weight per cm: 15.68 g/cm

Average weight per cm: 17.12 g/cm*

*Based on a small sample size of the boards I weighed on the 2020, 2021 and 2022 models. The 2022 Birds of a Feather is very light – in fact, it’s the lightest board I’ve weighed in terms of gross weight and g/cm.


We didn’t have anything too deep or anything, but enough to feel and the feathered birds felt like they were going to be a nose diver into a deeper powder, but it handled what we had just fine – but Jade still noticed the difference between this and the equalizer, I also rode per day (as in the equivalent which is better in powder).

Considering its specs – no real vibrator to speak of in profile, true twin, center, no taper etc., it was not designed to stand out in captivity.

carving and turning

Carving: This board tends to prefer larger carvings over short/sharp turns, so when it came to large carvings, Jade really enjoyed it.

Ease of turning/shaking: It was a little more effort starting simple turns or executing a slash. Preferably on the edge of the abyss.

Maneuverability at slow speeds: Make a little effort to get them to go from edge to edge at slower speeds. Preferably a little bit of speed underneath.

Sliding cornering: The sliding turn isn’t very easy – not very attractive, but not unattractive either.


The speed felt nice and the handling was fine – nice and stable. While the board isn’t too wet and it’s really light, you can feel it when going quickly over more coarse sections.

rough terrain

Raw: It does a good job hacking raw – although you get the feeling that it’s not hacked too badly. It’s not very easy to correct when you get rid of your streak.

Bumps: Not overly agile at slow speeds, so the quick turns between bumps weren’t ideal – but not terrible either. Bypassing the bumps, I was able to hug her really well.


With how light and bob this palette is, it’s easy to overshoot with this palette, but once you get used to it, it makes jumping with it really fun.

Pop: It’s not great epic in terms of overall pop, but it still has good oomph, and most of these pops are easy to get into without really having to finish it.

Approach: stable and really helps you pick a line and stick to it. Not very agile for patches and speed checks, but it’s not bad in that area either.

Landing: You can really trample your landing with this board.

Side hits: Really good in the sense that you get that easy pop and a really light board and you can handle any touchdowns really well. The only slight loss is that for those side kicks spotted at the last second or more complex roads, it’s not super fast, but it’s generally good for side kicks.

Small Jumps / Big Jumps: Performs well on all jumps, but works well on larger jumps.


Really good for a ride switch and no surprise since it’s a true twin dash in the middle.


The lightness and pop make this palette an easy spin. And landing and taking off are really good too.


Overall it’s decent on the booms, but not quite as well as on the jumps.


You can squeeze the tip and tail for sure, but it’s not very easy to do. I have to put in a little bit of muscle to make it flex at the tip and tail.

The collapse of the result and the final verdict

Check the result distribution in the table below.

The Birds of a Feather is a semi-aggressive freestyle board that covers all mountains and loves to be airborne.

And I think Capita should consider changing the name of these boards to “Light as a Feather” because this thing is so light!


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