Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips


Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips




Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips
Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips



Many users complain about the slow charging of the phone. And surprisingly, this complaint is registered from different types of phones, not just one type. Some people have noticed that the phone takes a long time to fully charge to 100% and this issue may occur from time to time. And sometimes it happens over and over again. What was the cause of that? What is the explanation for this strange frequency? Should battery replacement be the first option when you encounter this problem?

It is true that there are many factors that affect the charging speed of a smartphone. These factors vary depending on the type of phone. charging accessories And most importantly, your phone charging habits, such as whether you use your phone or not. long while connected to the charger? If the answer is yes Don’t ask why your phone is charging slowly! There are many reasons why a phone charges slowly. and vice versa There are some useful solutions to speed up the charging process. or at least it is To avoid contributing to slow charging, continue reading
Reasons and solutions for slow phone charging.

First, and before you get into why you should test them all. We will ask you to ensure that you are not using a weak power source. (Low output power source) while charging your phone, such as a portable charger or power bank , which may be of mediocre quality, but you don’t know, or simply like a car charger! these methods will not charge your phone as fast as plugging the adapter into a wall outlet.



If your phone is plugged into an outlet

at home or from any other source,


you’re pretty sure it has plenty of power and power.


but slow charging Check the reasons below.




One of the charging

accessories is


when we say “charging accessory” we mean power adapters, cables (USB) or wireless chargers if your phone supports them. A charging accessory is one of the first things you should check if your phone is starting to charge slowly. Because these devices are replaceable.

Let’s start with the power adapter. The output current head should be adequate to charge your phone properly. And this is often done with the original phone adapter. For example, if your phone needs 1.6 amps to charge well, you must provide a good power source and an acceptable adapter. If the adapter is damaged, the adapter will provide less power than that. So the phone charges slowly. The option to damage the adapter is not original (in case you need to replace the original one for some reason).

Generally Mobile phones consume only a certain amount of energy for which they are designed. Therefore, to avoid slow charging problems due to limited power Try to use a high current power adapter. This increases the chances of fast charging. For example, if you go back to a phone that uses 1.6 amps, you can use a power adapter that supports 2.1 amps, which will charge your phone faster than using a 1 amp adapter safe in the knowledge that the phone will only use it when needed (1 .2 amps) from an adapter that supports 2.1 amps.

for the charging cable It is possible that your phone is not charging quickly due to a problem with the charging cable. Because charging cables are one of the accessories most susceptible to damage. whether from twisting , random bending of the cable and put it in the bag or excessive bending of the cable Especially at the point of connection to the charging port, so check if there is any external damage to the cable because it will slow down the charging. and if the damage is severe You will notice that the cable refuses to charge often. And here you will have to make a replacement and feel free to buy the best possible quality and reliability.

If you use a wireless charger It shows that you already enjoy excellent charging technology. Unfortunately, this technology has many drawbacks. One of them is the slow charging speed. All wireless charging pads charge phones at a relatively slow speed compared to cables. And this is a general rule. So you have only one solution. That is, try to increase the speed by removing only obstacles to charging, such as a phone case, which can reduce the speed of wireless charging. If you try to remove the obstacle But it does not work with wireless charging. Check the quality of the wireless charger by charging it with even a small cable. If a significant difference is foundYou will take your wireless charger for service. Or maybe buy a new one!

It is recommended that you always keep the original accessories that came with your phone.

But if one of the devices is damaged and you have to buy a new one.

Be sure to purchase accessories recommended by the manufacturer, for example, from an authorized dealer. If you are using a different power adapter and cable Make sure the adapter can provide at least some power. (or more) required to charge your phone.

There is a problem with the phone’s charging port.

if there is any problem with the phone charging port your phone will charge slower than usual. and in some cases they may not be charged at all . Initially, you can check the cleanliness of the connection, because foreign materials , dirt, dust and fine fibers can interfere with part of the electrical flow from the cable to the connection. which causes the phone to charge slowly.

Take a flashlight and point it at your phone’s charging port. Check the metal contact points above for obstructions. If it is found to be dirty Take a small stick like a toothpick or something similar. Use a soft brush and try to carefully remove all the dirt. Clean it carefully so dirt can’t build up in the port and make the problem worse. and avoid blowing into the opening after cleaning. Steam from your breath can damage the connector as it deteriorates over time . Also, do not try to clean the port with a metal object. Like a needle or a needle so as not to damage the fragile conductor.

Are you sure no apps are running in the background?

Many people do not pay attention to this vulnerability which causes the phone to charge slowly and drain the phone’s battery faster. When we leave the application running in the background and connect the phone to charge. The power from the charger simultaneously powers the battery and background applications. This reduces the amount of power available to charge the battery if the application is monopolized. a lot of nutrients The best solution to this problem is to close the applications running in the background. limit background activity or even uninstall! It depends on how important the app is to you.

See your phone’s battery usage. And disable background battery for apps you rarely use. To do this for Android phones, go to the settings interface, then select Battery, then press the three dots in the right corner of the interface, then select Battery usage, and now select a few apps for yourself, select and click Restrict background, then Restrict.

To restrict running background apps on iPhone and iPad, go to Settings. Then select the battery. Then click Show Activity to display the time the app was running. either on the screen or in the background and here if you find that the app is using less power and consumes less close that app Also disable background refresh of the app. from settings then general Then refresh background apps.






Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips
Causes of slow phone charging and the most important solutions and tips



Using your phone while charging is one of the most common causes of slow charging.

Many people may not pay attention to this idea or ignore it. Because nowadays the phone has become irreplaceable. But it became addictive. I can’t live an hour without it. Therefore, there are many users who cannot leave their phones unattended. It takes an hour to charge the battery, and you see them in use while plugged into a charger, which is wrong. Do not use the phone while it is charging. Doing so puts you at risk of overheating and damaging the internal hardware. and increase the possibility that the charging cable will be corroded or damaged In addition, it will slow down charging. process because you use up nutrients that were originally directed to the battery.

Nothing lasts forever…maybe your battery is dying!


In other words,

your battery may have reached the end

of its life and just needs to be replaced. 



And charging problems are just proof of that! nothing lasts and over time the effectiveness of anything, even humans, will be reduced! All batteries are subject to damage and deterioration due to charging and discharging over time. Batteries generally deteriorate over time, so you’ll notice slower charging after at least two years of buying the phone when the battery is in use. Compared to the time when it was new If it is defective and slowly charging within two to three years of purchasing the phone For replacement, you should contact an authorized center. And don’t forget to use the highest quality type.

Maybe it’s time to change your phone!

Some people make a last ditch effort before considering replacing their phone. It’s a factory reset. This process will erase everything on your device. giving you a chance to start over For this reason, some people tend to factory reset to get rid of slow charging. It is difficult to identify useless apps that affect the charging to stop the activity. or difficulty stopping other processes running under no recording capability, so some people believe that rebooting is the best way to put your phone back as good as new. And it might actually work!

You have now tried all the solutions above. But it didn’t work? You also change the battery. But is it useless? So, we regret to tell you that it’s time to release that poor man into your hands. and buy new heroes!

final tip

Finally, here are some quick tips. To extend battery life:

  • Darken the screen as much as possible.
  • Turn off useless notifications.
  • Use power saver if you don’t need to use the phone often.
  • Avoid full charge cycle (eg from 0 to 100%) and only charge up to 80-90%.
  • Do not leave your phone on the charger overnight.
  • Keep the phone away from heat sources. And don’t cover it or put it in a case while it’s charging.
  • Use fast charging techniques sparingly. And only when the phone is in a moderately warm or cold place.

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