games to play with friends on phone

games to play with friends on phone


20 Mobile Games Play With Friends Free Download Play Online 2023 Release

games to play with friends on phone The smartphone platform is very powerful everyone has a mobile phone but if you want to play games it is solitude to play alone. Find a friend to play with, that’s even better. Today, let’s take a look at 20 mobile games worth downloading to play with friends. What games are there?

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I recommend 20 mobile games to play with friends, 2022 release

games to play with friends on phone
games to play with friends on phone

1. League of Legends Wild Rift

From a world-class MOBA to a mobile experience the Riot team has spent a lot of time developing. It has been rebuilt specifically for the mobile version. Filled with heroes, activities and rewards that are not lost in the PC version, have fun with friends.

2. Arena of Courage

Another MOBA that has been in the sky in Thailand for a long time and now Garena is almost running it. And constantly record activities in the game. Enter the game, free activities, and full screen. It is a MOBA game, easy to play , easy to understand, quick to finish, suitable for people who have little free time with friends and want to have fun together. Let’s get it

3. PUBG Mobile

The original Battle Royale experience has been adapted to mobile screens for easier mobile play. By adding different auxiliary systems, but who wants to be tough, who wants to, can set the settings to be like a computer, you want to boil with friends, this game is the answer.

4. Apex Legends Mobile

What is the newest entrant now? It beat many games to become the best game in Thailand for Apex Legends created a new version for mobile phones. It also offers a game system very similar to the original game with the ability of a variety of characters and a very interesting gameplay. Playing with friends is guaranteed to be many times more fun.

5. Call of Duty Mobile

Another shooter that takes the world famous game franchise to recreate it on mobile. And you still play the shooting game which is more fun than the other games , besides the mobile also comes with a lot of game modes that can not be played and there is also a Battle Royale mode for shooting. With items, decorations, and many characters, who doesn’t have a PC, can play on mobile instead!

6. The Sausage Man

Bored yet? With violence Although this is a Battle Royale game, it is a very good Battle Royale game. Play every day. Our main character will be a sausage. Parachute down to grab a gun and shoot the others. There is also a ride system. Cool vehicles, decorations, a battle pass, and more to play with.

7. Mario Kart Tour

Change from a shooting game to a fun driving game from the popular game on Nintendo Switch. A mobile version also comes with it. Where this mobile segment will come with race tracks in many countries. Recently, the field has just been updated from Thailand. Can play online with competitive friends to win many prizes and honors

8. Between us

The game that was exceptional in 2020 and is still played today with Among Us, the more friends the more fun. And sit down and guess who the killer is, sit down and fool around together and turn your head to see who the real villain is.  The game for the real rich is this game.

9. Legends of Runeterra

If you are bored with the League of Legends main world, don’t like tower pushing, or don’t like MOBA games, then this game is another game based on the LoL series, but a card game instead. Based on card abilities and card designs from LoL, already a LoL fan, don’t miss out.

10. Roblox

The favorite game of kids and teens from just a platform game created without expecting anything. It turned out to be a platform for editing ideas. Creative Explosion However, there are different types of games to play. If I invite friends to play Roblox, I guarantee I will forget about the day because there are so many ways to play!

11. Identity V

A 4v1 style game with killers and survivors, similar to Dead by Daylight, but in the style of Tim Burton’s gothic cartoon that many people will like better. The game contains a lot of content. Both major game modes let us challenge each other’s skills cheerfully. And many other decorations including cooperation activities of various famous brands

12. The Genshin Trail

Although the capabilities of the game far exceed mobile games. But you can find the next generation gaming experience on mobile with this game. If the engine is powerful enough, this is a pretty neat Action RPG Open World, built with characters that are ready to pocket money on every patch, and most importantly, that can play with friends together too. Go away

13. Raft Survival – Nomad Ocean

If you like survival games, Raft Survival is a mobile game inspired by popular computer games where we have to start from nothing, then gradually collect materials, survive and build a small group to become a big raft and can invite friends to help play in addition to surviving Hunger There are still sharks swimming around. Let’s play suspiciously.

14. Team Fighting Tactics

Another game from the LoL universe that comes in the form of Auto Chess where we just have to manage the pieces. Then let the game run on its own. But we must know deeply about the capabilities of the character. Choosing melds Sending pieces on the board This game if you play with friends It’s a good problem-solving battle, plus you’ll enjoy characters from the LoL universe as well.

15. Minecraft Pocket Edition

The legendary survival game ported to mobile phones in pocket edition format. Ensure that there are only hot strikes. It is so popular because it is a mobile game that almost everyone will pay money to buy. If you don’t have time to turn on the computer, sit in front of the computer screen for a long time, and set up a friend to invite friends to play on the mobile version. It should be more comfortable.

16. Hearthstone

Blizzard card game fully supported in Thailand Whether it is a Thai translation Make it possible to understand and learn more card details In addition to competing with players from all over the world, you can also play online with your friends in friendly competition. Card game lovers should not miss it.

17. One

If you have a friend who doesn’t like to play. Or you can’t play the game There is no better game for beginners to understand than UNO. UNO is an easy-to-play card game. There is no time limit but nowadays, you no longer have to sit in board game stores. Because it can be played via mobile phone Invite friends to play together. They taught each other to play easy and have fun together.

18. Bombsquad

This game is a game that many people recommend to install to play with friends. Because it is a party game style game, play with up to 8 people, helping to eliminate enemies with bombs. According to each mission we will play together or split the team to fight or go play all mini game modes, depending on some modes play 1-4 people, some modes 8 people, have fun as a group.

19. Pokemon GO

A game for a real social outing for Pokemon GO where we can travel in the real world. Catch different Pokemon around the world. There is also a gym fighting challenge. Or you can train Pokemon, collect Pokemon, raise the Pokemon we caught, all of them, of course, in this game they can choose sides. And it can play with friends too Pokemon fans must play

20. Crossy Road

Let’s measure who is more accurate and better. With a nice road crossing game where we have to take the characters of the scene cross the road successfully to the other side. There are different types of obstacles standing in the way, including cars, woods, and many other obstacles depending on the level. This is a fun game where we sit with friends and compete to score points. Anyone who can do higher can make fun of each other for several more days. Although the game looks simple but it is not fun at all.

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