A look at the popular Legends for each player level in Apex Legends Season 15.

Apex Legends pick rate

Apex Legends Season Eclipse or Season 1 5 was released to play on the night of November 1, 2022, which is this update. Also added are new characters and new maps, Catalyst and Broken Moon respectively.

Apex Legends artwork

It’s been almost a month into the new season. The selection rate has begun to break down tiers, both in general play and broadcasters, as well as the game’s top 100 players. Today, the team would like to take you to watch. Choose a popular rating among the players at each level

Apex Legends pick rate

Pick rate: normal mode

1st Place: Octane Pick Rate 10.2%

It is one of the legends with high mobilityIn terms of horizontal movement and projectile movement, Octane’s ability to restore health is another feature that can save one inventory slot because you don’t have to stock up on a syringe.

2nd place: Wraith, 9% pick rate

Popular characters that have been around since the birth of Apex Legends. A great ability that is unique to any character is the tactical skill, which can be used to dodge bullets and speed yourself out of a dangerous point.

3rd place: Pathfinder, 9% pick rate

In the past, Apex Legends used to have a Role Playing Center or Pathfinder as a backup. After a while, many professional players chose her as attackers, such as iiTzTimmy, because the character was complete in terms of execution and retreat with tactical and shooting skills that enhance the speed of the Pathfinder character.

4th place: Catalyst, 8% pick rate

A new character entering the game in the fifteenth season. All of its abilities, such as Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate, are new features born in Apex Legends. The catalyst is a supportive and defensive personality. In tight spaces , the Catalyst shows it very well

Fifth place: Bloodhound 7.6%

One of the characters from the Recon line that has been popular since the game’s opening. With the ability  to either track enemies in 90 seconds or search for anomalies using cone-shaped sonar waves. But this is not all the capabilities of the Bloodhound. There is also an Ultimate that can speed itself up. Reduce the tactical latency and change everything to greyscale. If there are enemies on the screen, they will be highlighted in red.

Apex Legends pick rate

Pick rate: top 100

First place: Horizon, with 24.6% 

She is a character that stands out in terms of vertical movement and because the ranking in Season 15 is the Broken Moon level, which makes the Horizon characters stand out a lot because that level has a lot of high ground.

Second place: Pathfinder, 16.6% pick rate

The same is true for the above reasons. Movement  Pathfinder’s ability to go in all directions, high or low, in and out, makes Pathfinder a popular character at both the general and advanced levels.

Third place: The Seer with a selection rate of 10.1%

She is a scouting character who can do better than a Bloodhound in case you don’t want the enemy to know because Seer’s passive skill will make him aware of the enemy’s presence without the enemy not knowing that we already have enemy locations  .

4th Place: Wraith, 8.1% pick rate

He plays at a higher level  the most dangerous  so it’s no surprise that Wraith is one of the top 5 characters. Because of the sheer skill that can bring teammates into or back into a precarious situation

5th place: Bangalore, selection rate of 8.1%

It is a character used to disband the team and has no specific recon personality due to the tactical skill it can make  enemies whose vision is impaired by the smoke emitted. And if the team brings a digital threat (gold scope) with them, they can shoot through Bangalore’s Smoke instantly.

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