electronic games

electronic games


The birth of electronic games

…..although the game has a long history and appears in every region of the world. The core of the game system is to help spark the action. Think critically and relax from work. For example, cocoon hunting is applied as a hunting game. And it evolved into sports games and board games into games that revolutionized technology, leading to the development of entertainment media in the future era. This is an electronic game. Also known as video games.

….. Electronic Games Video games are computer programs for entertainment purposes. Using the electronic system as the main device for playing which the system will process the game form and get the result quickly and the most important characteristic of this type of games is the ability to change the game from one game to another without having to set up the system to be messy. Developers can develop a variety of games.

electronic games
electronic games

…..on  the occasion of the birth of the electronic game.  It started in the fifties during the cold war. Develop computer technology to simulate wars and use missiles. But the fact of the birth of electronic games. It originated from computer physicists who developed battle simulation technology. In 1958,   William  Willie Higginbotham, who  worked on the first atomic bomb, changed two basic lines and a bouncy ball. Let it become an interactive computer entertainment experience, that’s what the game  “TennisForTwo” is.


The first electronic game in the world

… As the war evolves, so does the game. From the existing battlefield  but in the 1960s,  when the wars in Korea, Berlin and Vietnam were reported on TV, Ralph Beer changed it. It became the first home game system called the Magnavox Odyssey


Pong, the first arcade game that gave birth to the famous Block Smash.

… the same time as the calendar year. 1972 Atari technology developer Alan Alcorn develops the first arcade game to simulate table tennisNamed  “Pong”  , it was a game that could be played by two players. Initially, delegates  Nolan Bushnell wanted to develop it as an educational tool for computer engineering students. Which in the first place this has a very high price. But due to the development method for commercial purposes, he developed an arcade game to be used in shopping malls and developed to be the first console to feature a video game that could play two players, changing the game. And the price is not very high which was very successful. So it can be said that arcade games or arcade games have evolved into console games. 

electronic games
electronic games


Atari and the first console

…  the same time, in  1980  , in Japan that was influenced by the Atari game console, there were people who were interested in video game development in Japan, one of them was Nitendo, who developed the game console format. Portable, otherwise known as  Game & Watch  or cheap press games. Play Anywhere which evolves in many forms and has been developed into a portable press game such as Gameboy, Nitendo DS, etc.

…… and  1983  Nitendo wanted to develop a newer, cheaper Atari cheap game console, which appeared as a  family computer or Famicom for short,  with a push-button system instead of a lever, which had the ability to connect to an 8-bit screen TV and game cartridges could be changed back and forth As needed. Which caused the development of many game consoles The development of various mechanisms such as sensors detecting laser waves and motion detection cameras The development of technology from 8-bit to 3D engine level for a long time


2 leading Japanese games and Nintendo

…… Back to some personal computer systems After IBM successfully developed a personal computer (PC), which is used to process various tasks. Such as accounting or various arithmetic operations, but also the introduction of a computer game to play also relieve stress but the most noticeable is Microsoft  Free Game computer  , which has developed a system that is easier to use than DOS and has developed a realistic game in the form of playing  Solitaire  or  Minesweeper  that can pick up cards or mines of bombs. The mouse system is without coding, and with computers in those days, the need to program and install computer games formally came. It has an uncomplicated and realistic operating system in terms of control


The Counter Strike computer game with the advantage of being able to use a LAN system can be played by anyone within range.

….. In addition, computer games can add a form of network play known as a local area network (LAN) that can connect a network for short. And can be played at the same time, such as Counter Strike or  Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games   such as  Command & Conquer  Until the birth of the official and most stable home Internet system, PC games have been modified to be able to play online in real time until Korea Developed by cutting Some systems and more focus on online formats until the birth of the world’s first online game,  King Of King OnlineWhich has a strong point focusing on online play, a very realistic RPG system especially the social system for example, adventure party system, etc., because the gameplay requires “social” and can be played all over the world without having to purchase a software disc as a connector. So, it is another option to play free first, pay later.

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