game consoles

game consoles


Electronic games in China are developing rapidly 

game consoles
game consoles

With the prosperous development of China’s electronics industry, the esports industry is attracting more and more young people. Competitors in e-sports have become just as famous as movie stars or famous athletes. There are currently about 18,000 e-sports companies in China, although there are many more people involved in the e-sports industry. Both e-sports club manager, e-tournament organizer, and e-sports commentator, but the e-sports industry is still considered a major shortage of staff.

According to a report by the Chinese market research company iMedia Research, the number of e-sports players in China will reach 418 million people, and the market size will be more than 180 billion yuan or about 873 billion baht, but there is a shortage of about 500 thousand people.

Edward Gaming (EDG), one of the professional e-sports organizations in China . It is accelerating its search for 100 esports service professionals, focusing on undergraduates who have been involved in the games. Behind the scenes manufacturing experience In the future, Chinese students will not feel guilty when playing games. Because of the accumulation of experience to work in the electronic games industry itself


game consoles
game consoles

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With the esports industry rapidly developing hotels in China that seem to have nothing to do with it. Enter the sports market

Electronic to win market share of hundreds of millions of enthusiastic players

Kerry Hotel Pudong in Shanghai’s Pudong New District also delighted a diverse group of gamers with the launch of four esports-themed rooms. In the room there are both high end computers. Gaming monitor gaming chair with headphones It also has an eye-catching keyboard and mouse design. Although these rooms are not suitable for business guests or the general public. But there are people who constantly ask for information and book rooms like this.

These rooms cost 1,500 yuan (or about $250) per night, although they are very expensive. But it was no less popular.

In fact, China’s hotel industry began to focus on cooperation with the e-sports industry in 2018. At that time, the value of e-sports business in China was more than 100 billion baht (or about 485 billion baht) in the same year. The number of hotels in China offering esports-themed rooms has tripled. Many well-known traditional hotels have also converted some of their rooms into esports-themed rooms.

To promote the development of electronic games, people in the industry have seen that large e-sports tournaments can be held regularly, attract e-game enthusiasts to be interested in tourism, culture, entertainment, etc. Promote interdisciplinary development and innovation. Pushing electronic games to become a new hot spot for economic growth

game consoles
game consoles

Electronic games are games that use computer technologies and the Internet to play them, and they include several types of games such as video games,

Mobile games, PC games, social networking games, virtual and augmented reality games.

Electronic games are entertaining and help improve players’ skills such as artistic sense, strategic thinking and coordination

between the eye and the hand, as well as help improve memory and develop creativity and innovation.

In addition to the fun provided by electronic games, it is an important industry in the digital world and occupies a prominent position in the global gaming market, and is a great source of income for many companies and developers.

The electronic games industry is witnessing continuous development, as developer companies work to develop more interesting and realistic games, using modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality technologies, and augmented reality.

Among the most important world-famous electronic games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and many other games.

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In addition to what I mentioned in the previous answer, it can be said that electronic games have a great impact on societies, as they attract

A lot of players of different ages, nationalities and cultures, and it helps to build social relationships and communication between them, and it also helps

To enhance belonging and cultural identity.

Another advantage of electronic games is that they help enhance learning and improve mental and intellectual skills

Develop creativity, creative, analytical and predictive thinking, and work to develop linguistic, mathematical, scientific and technological abilities.

On the negative side, electronic games may cause addiction to players and affect their psychological and physical health, and may lead to a decrease in the social and motor activity of individuals.

For this reason, it is advised to control the time allotted for playing electronic games, encourage players to engage in other social and motor activities, and be careful to choose games that are appropriate for the age group and promote personal and educational development.

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