Top 5 snowboarding movies

  1. The art of flying planes
  2. crash roller
  3. The fourth stage
  4. Let it ride; Craig Kelly’s story
  5. full moon

1. The Art of Flying

This action packed movie is a must-see for anyone interested in snowboarding, as it redefines what is possible in the sport while providing viewers with access to the extreme heights as well as the extreme dangers involved in snowboarding. The Art of Flight is snowboarding like never before, documenting the journey of Travis Rice and his friends to some of the most beautiful, remote, intense and challenging snowy terrain. Among the many aspects of this movie that made it so popular and sports-related are its superior cinematography, stunning backdrops, and some of the best snowboarding ever filmed and distributed.

This movie is the key to watching if you want to discover new tricks, paths and ways to overcome the dangers associated with the sport of snowboarding. It is a movie full of true passion for figure skating filled with twists, turns, challenges and triumphs that keep viewers addicted from start to finish.

2. Crash roller

This inspiring documentary follows Kevin Pierce on his journey to overcome injury in the sport and make an unexpected and undeniably difficult comeback. In his quest to outsmart his toughest rival, Shawn White, Pierce suffers a serious brain injury that threatens his entire career and everything he’s worked so hard for. With unwavering dedication, determination, and passion combined with much-needed support from valued friends and family, Pierce is able to weather the effects of his injury, rise to the top, and make a steady return to the sport. Full of passion, emotions, action, challenges and success, Crash Reel accurately depicts not only the extreme ups, but also the extreme lows that sports participants have to overcome.

This touching and compelling documentary will motivate and motivate you in ways you didn’t know you needed. If you are looking for a good comeback story, then this movie is for you!

3. Fourth stage

This film, which turns the hydrological cycle into a fascinating and captivating expedition, follows world-renowned skier Travis Rice and his team as they embark on a massive 16,000-mile journey that includes some of the most surreal and awe-inspiring locations around the North Pacific, reaching the peaks of the Japanese Alps and Germany. However, Rice and his team find more than just distant trails and terrain in this documentary. Rice’s goal was to connect his passion for oceans and mountains with his aspiration to visit regions he had never expected, and that’s exactly what he did in this movie. With an amazing team of cinematographers, Rice traces the weather patterns of the North Pacific to mountain peaks and secluded peaks, with this new focus providing the perfect path for a successful sequel to the popular documentary The Art of Flight.

4. Let it ride. Craig Kelly’s story

This film deals with the life and art style of Craig Kelly, one of the most famous and talented skaters of all time. Kelly shocked the world when, in the ’80s, he made a stark and high-risk decision to part with all contracts, titles, money, acceptance, and reputation to pursue his love of freedom. This story is truly inspiring, and it affirms and reinforces the importance of remaining humble, true to yourself and your passion, and living in the moment that motivated and encouraged viewers to do the same. Craig Kelly has greatly influenced the world and shape of figure skating, making this game a must for both fans and participants of the sport alike.

5. Full Moon

Warning: spoilers ahead

Full Moon successfully and seamlessly connects the past, present and future of figure skating, motivating women athletes around the world to challenge themselves, to push boundaries, and rise above. This two-year production spotlights some of the world’s most skilled and talented female figure skaters, and pays tribute to the significant impact the history of women’s figure skating has had on the sport as a whole as well as the important awards received by the most prominent women in the sport. It captures the importance of women in sports, while depicting how they motivated, encouraged and shaped figure skating as a whole which makes it an important movie to watch if you are interested in sports.

The film features legendary skaters Hanna Bowman, Marie-France Roy, Jimmy Anderson, and more of the outstanding women of the sport as they navigate difficult and remote regions around the world while honoring and honoring the women who gave them the courage to pursue their goals. Overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of those goals despite adversity and challenges.

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