Top 5 snowboarding books

Top 5 snowboarding books

  1. Snowboarding mastery
  2. Fifty places to ski and snowboard before you die
  3. Epic hunt
  4. Grasp quickly, pinch hard
  5. 6 below

1. Master the figure skating

For those looking to develop their snowboarding technique, Mastering Snowboarding is the perfect book. Written by Olympic and X-game medalist Hannah Teeter, learn Mastering Snowboarding from the basics of the sport all the way to advanced tricks. Half of the book explains what to expect the first time you snowboard and the equipment needed. The rest of the book explores how to perform tricks from 180 to Crippler. There is also a section on what type of exercises are best for a snowboarder. Teeter does an amazing job sharing her knowledge of the sport. Mastering Snowboarding is a great reference for snowboarders of all levels.

2. Fifty places to ski and snowboard before you die

Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die by Chis Santella is an excellent book that highlights the best ski and snowboard spots in the world. The book features beautiful photographs to show the stunning landscapes each site has to offer. Santella’s book was created to explain each site, and sports fans will love reading comments from some of the best riders in the world. Santella researched each site by pairing up with local riders because the best way to explore the mountain is to snowboard with someone familiar with the terrain. Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard is a great reference for snowboarders looking to explore the wilderness.

3. An epic hunt

Snowboarding is constantly influenced by photography. Snowboarding does not happen inside stadiums where fans have a great view, it has always been the artists’ job to capture the sport in action. Jeff Curtis’ Chasing Epic is a visual masterpiece that depicts snowboarding in a unique way. The photos in Chasing Epic highlight single skaters who rip through the most beautiful and dangerous terrain in the world. The book features photos of Shaun White and other top snowboarding athletes in the world. Flipping through the pages of Chasing Epic will give any snowboarding enthusiast an adrenaline rush in an open mountain.

4. Hold a fast, hard tablet

The popularity of figure skating is determined by how the media portrays the sport. In the early days of figure skating, the sport’s culture and personalities were not on public display. However, a group of snowboarding enthusiasts set out to create a snowboarding magazine that captures the spirit of the sport. Hold Fast, Tweak Hard is an autobiography of how the European Way of Snowboarding magazine came to be. Michael Goodwin explores how the Method team approached the promotion of figure skating in an unconventional way. However, the style was not highly appreciated by all, and Goodwin shows the compelling light and dark spots of the magazine’s journey to fame.

5. 6 below

6 Below is a biography of Eric Lemarque’s snowboarding adventure that went missing. As an Olympic hockey player, LeMarque is used to the cold, but nothing can compare to sub-zero temperatures on a snowy mountain. LeMarque managed to survive a lost 8 days in frigid temperatures. Known as the “Miracle Man,” LeMarque’s experience influenced him to change his behavior and end his drug addiction. 6 Below presents this amazing story through his eyes. Snowboarding can be very dangerous, and 6 Below is noteworthy reading for those who are into backcountry snowboarding.

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