Top 5 Snowboarding Video Games

Top 5 Snowboarding Video Games

  1. SSX 2012
  2. decline
  3. Shaun White on the ice
  4. SSX hard
  5. Embed 2

1. SSX 2012

SSX 2012 is a snowboarding video game part of the SSX series that can be played on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. SSX 2012 was the sixth game released in the series, and arguably the most popular. This game was the first game to use realistic mountains, such as the Himalayas and Antarctica. Other SSX games in the past only allowed snowboarding, but this game included avalanches, wing suits, and even helicopter jumps. SSX 2012 was also more open compared to previous games, which means that players can travel in helicopters to wherever they wish on the map. SSX was a huge success in the early 2000s and is still enjoyed by people all over the world to this day.

2. sharp

Steep is another great video game that can be played for snowboarders everywhere. In the game, players can choose between skiing, snowboarding, wearing wings, or paragliding. Steep offers three different areas to ski in, including the Alps in Switzerland, the high peaks of Japan, and even Mount Denali in Alaska.

Steep is a great game because of the endless opportunities available. Whether you want to compete in the X Games, the movies of snowboarding companies, or race against your friends online, everything you could want in a snowboarding game is here. The graphics themselves make it one of the most amazing snowboarding games out there.

3. Shaun White on Ice

Shaun White Snowboarding was released by Ubisoft in 2008. The game is available on Playstation 2, 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and even on PC.

The game has 6 mountains that can be skied, each of them has its own areas for skiing at the top of the mountain, in the hinterland, as well as in the terrain park. The higher you rank as a snowboarder, the more abilities you’ll gain, such as better control and snowboarding at higher speeds. Shaun White Snowboarding has been a huge success for Ubisoft, which is why the game is ranked as one of the greatest snowboarding games.

4. SSX is hard

SSX Tricky was the second game to be released in the SSX series. The game features new ski areas, including Garibaldi and Alaska. Also, the concept of Uber motions was first introduced at the SSX Tricky. Uber moves allow the player to do more crazy tricks, such as taking his foot off the board and making moves without attaching the board.

SSX Tricky has received amazing reviews because of how fun and addictive the game is. Next Generation, a much-admired video game magazine, said the game is a must buy. The new age was created to do crazy, almost impossible tricks with SSX Tricky, which is why it is considered one of the best snowboarding games.

5. Amped 2

Amped 2 is a snowboarding game designed by Microsoft in 2003 to follow up on the original Amped game released in 2001. Amped 2 is known for its career mode, where players will run through a series of levels while completing objectives across those levels. Each level has a certain score to beat, and if players beat that score, they can upgrade their trick stats like how fast they spin/flip, their ability to balance, and how much air they get.

Another great feature of Amped 2 is the soundtrack, which includes more than 300 songs of rock and indie music. Amped 2 was also one of the first games to have the ability to play multiplayer, either through split screen or on Xbox Live. Amped 2 was a huge hit for snowboard fans and is still an old classic.

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